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This page is devoted to those wonderful people who have "wisely" decided to use some of my backgrounds for their pages!! **SMILE**

Please try to pay them a visit and see just how wonderful they have made my creations look!!

Spiraldance's Cyberangels

Cross Stitch Friends-Birthday Page

Loth Sisters


My Prayer Page

Quick's Homepage (custom)

Angels in Heaven

Messages with Meaning

Welcome to Angie's Hideaway

Sara's Home Page

Holly's Hideaway

SAHM Swap-n-Shop page

Dee's Webrings

Thompson Genealogy Page

Welcome to Cinderella's Cat Castle

Keepsakes of Van Buren

Easter Eggs

Love in the Dark

Tegan's World


Thunder and Steel

Oceanfal's Place

Carol's Awards

The Mask of Akkad

What's your Interest

A Christmas Story

Providential Homeschooling