I have brought you to this page first instead of directly to the "Springtime Collection" for a very important reason.
I know that you are anxious to see the new backgrounds, but before you do, there is something you must know and abide by.
This collection was brought into being, not just by my talents, but by the talents of another web artist by the name of DJ.
Without her efforts to make these graphics for me to use, none of this would have been possible. SOOOOO....
If you use ANY of the backgrounds from this collection (with her name on them) I REQUIRE that you place this link somewhere on your page!! "Graphics for this background from DJ's" and use this address to link to her site ""
As time goes on and I have more artist's work involved, these requirements will be repeated.
Now that we have that little matter out of the way, let's enjoy the new additions to BJ's Design Shoppe!!!

Springtime Collection