Welcome to the Elegants

Do you need an extra special background? One that is SOFT, SENSUOUS, and just a touch above the norm?
Well you have come to the right place. These are for that extra special page..for a birthday..anniversary..valentines day..or just an I LOVE YOU page.
Below you will find links to the most special backgrounds in the Design Shoppe. There are TWO of each style..one single sided and one double sided.
There are also a few buttons to go with them as well as the Welcome gif for styles Elegant One and Elegant Two.
As always, I hope you use these and enjoy them! Let me know if you use one and I will put you on my links page!

Single Sided Double Sided

Elegant 1 Elegant 1a

Elegant 2 Elegant 2a

Elegant 3 Elegant 3a